How we are making Premium dating a safe space for dating enthusiasts

We are always keen on making our dating website a safe space for any singles, and thrill-seekers. We always want to see our dating users leave our dating website with a wonderful experience. So, to ensure that experience, we take many necessary precautions:

  • Users must be at least 18 years old to be able use this site.
  • Users cannot send explicit images to other users without their consent.
  • Users should upload their clear images which must have their own face for their profile picture.
  • Report any account that is not being respectful to you and your privacy. We strictly take any kind of harassment reports seriously.
  • Any member breaking these rules will be warned and if necessary, banned.

We diligently monitor the content uploaded by the users.

We manually approve the new sign up users. If we feel anything suspicious about any account, we do not approve it.

If you are harassed by any account, please report to us. We will investigate it and take necessary actions.

Tips for our users to be safe.

  • Do not share your personal details to other online accounts.
  • On a first date, always choose public places.
  • Inform your friends who and where you are going to meet.
  • Don’t be intoxicated on your date.
  • Bring out your inner investigator in you. Just doing a quick search in social medias can help you find a lot.

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